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I may not be the most popular person, the most beautiful person, or the most liked person, but why the hell should I care when Ive got the most awesome friends!


Me without you is like a nerd without braces, A shoe without laces, ASentenceWithoutSpaces. Love is love, and it’s gonna stay that way forever.


is lucky to have friends as awesome as mine!


LMS for….
If you died: 
If you tripped on a rock:
If you kissed me:
If you cried: 
If you lived next door: 
If I woke up next to you: 
Do I like your profile picture: 
What i remember about meeting you: 
Do you make me smile: 
Do I want you to talk to you more:


If we walked home I would:
[]Hold your hand
[]Push you in a bush
[]Trip you
[]Talk about things
…If you kissed me I would:
[] Slap you
[] Push you away
[] Kiss you back
[] Look at you weird
I think you’re:
[] cute
[] alright
[] sexy
[] beautiful
[] UGLY gtfo my page (:
You should:
[] Text mee
[] Inbox me
[] Stop being a stranger!
[] Make this your status so i can like it


Looks = []A []B []C []D []F
Personality = []A []B []C []D []F [](idk)
Swag/dress = []A []B []C []D []F
Our friendship = []A []B []C []D [x]F [](idk)
Date = [] Yes [] No [] Maybe [] idk [] Already did
Hangout = [] Yes [] No [] Maybe
Friends = [] Yes [] No [] Idk
Love you:[] Yes [] No [] Idk [] just a little 
Post This As Your Status = [] Yes [] No.


-How we met : 
-Name in my phone : 
-Who you are to me : 
-One Word That describes you : 
-What i dislike about you : 
-Favorite memory : 
-First Impression : 
-How close we are out of 10 : 
-Do I trust you : 
-Do i dare you to put this as your status :


1. Your best friend:
2. The kid eating Glue:
3. The kid who steals your crayons:
4. The kid picking their nose:
5. The teacher’s pet:
6. The bully: 
7. The class clown:


LMS from a word from…

LMS for why I didn’t use a condom with you

LMS for when I think your baby is due

LMS for why I can tolerate you

LMS for why your so ugly

LMS for why you’re such a slut

LMS for a post from this *****

LMS for when I first saw your ugly face

LMS for why you only have 250 friends on here

LMS for why your probably on Whatsapp at 2:00 instead of being out (call them a loser)

LMS for why im so much popular than you

LMS for why you should kill yourself

LMS for why my boobs are so much bigger than yours

LMS for a nude picture of _______ that she sent me when she told me she’s a lesbian and wants to make sexxing with me

LMS for why your LMSing this 

LMS *****

LMS for a PMS

LMS for a booty call

LMS for why i want to stick your tongue up my *** like in human centipede.

LMS if you think I should take these clothes off

LMS, then rub your nipples and lick your lips at the same time

LMS if you think im the ***** that everyone calls me behind my back

LMS if you think i’m hotter than that ***** _______ who i slept with her boyfriend with

LMFSSBB! (like my f0cking status slut bag *****!)

10 people LMS and I’ll have sex with…


If we walked home I would: 
[] Hold your hand 
[] Push you in a Bush 
[] Trip you 
[] Talk to you 
[] Ignore you 
You are: 
[] One of my best friends 
[] Friends 
[] My ex 
[] My worst enemy 
[] I don’t really know you 
We should: 
[] Talk more 
[] Get to know each other better 
[] Chill 
[] Text 
[] Date